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Toll Payment Solution

Toll payment solution has evolved together with the advancement of technologies that can safeguard the revenue collection, faster vehicle throughput leads to new concepts where conventional plaza arrangement give way to Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) solution. Be it conventional plaza or MLFF, TERAS has solutions for all.

Unique Features
Fully integrated from lane computer system(LCS) to plaza (PCS) to HQ (HQCS) and to clearing house (CCH)
From basic system set-ups (for small plaza with a few lanes) to complex system (fully integrated system)
Seamless integration for Multi Lane Free Flow Lanes (MLFF) is ready with choices of infrared, RFID or combination)
In house development and high performance of Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), laser scanner vehicle classification, etc
Easy upgradeable at later stage to allow lower investment at small investment start up
High security features to prevent fraud
Numerous payment methods (cash, contactless mifare card, exempt, etc.)
Integrated and web based reporting and monitoring moduls
Full project coverage from specifications and drawings to installation and operation
Easy and quick to set up
Recent Track Record
SmartTAG Upgraded Version (SUV)

Malaysian preferred choice of payment at toll plaza is now upgraded with self correcting features that minimized the human/supervisor intervention.

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Recyclable Transit Card (RTC)

Replace the usage of paper based ticket with recyclable smart card tickets to reduce your cost of maintaining the face-off RTT machine as well as the cost of paper based ticket purchasing in long term. The system comes together with card transfer modules that monitor movement of cards at plaza and sections level that gives more systematic card distribution and management.

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Recyclable Transit Card with Enforcement (RTCE)

The system is enhancement from recyclable transit ticket with more add-on features focusing on enforcement to deter fraudulence in tickets exchanged. The enforcement modules come together with plat number and vehicle's image capturing encoded inside the card for verification of vehicle at exit plaza.

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Bus Express Transit (BET) Lane

With Bus Express Transit (BET) lane, the dedicated SmartTAG lane is now open to all class of vehicles. Additional feature add-in into the system are vehicle's pre class ability by laser scanner curtain as well as improve of detection zones to cater various length of vehicles.

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To support Malaysian Government approach in increasing usage of electronic toll payment (ETC), TERAS has made the system ready to cater the needs of having full ETC lanes by having two reference live sites at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Johor Bahru and PLUS Linkedua toll plazas. Having advantage of minimum human supervision, the system applies second tier of vehicle classification using laser curtain scanner on top existing fiber optic AVC.

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Standard Toll Collection System (STCS)

System is developed to cater small plazas with minimum requirement, our Standard Toll Collection System (BTCS) is now operates at Bhiwandi- Kalyan-Shil Phata, India.

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Head of Sales, Marketing & Business Development Department

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