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Traffic Command Center  

A Traffic Command Center provides a safe, smooth and comfortable journey for highway users and plays a vital role as the traffic management hub. We play our part in designing the state-of-the-art command center and acts as the system integrator. We help our clients to manage their Intelligent Transport System (ITS) by providing them Variable Messaging System (VMS), Close Circuit Television (CCTV) and Global Positioning System (GPS) and connect them to their users with our Customer Complaint Management System(CCOMS) and Intelligent Toll Equipment Monitoring System (ITEMS). To provide the best service to our clients, TERAS also work together with international partners in creating a Command Center and ensure all needs are met beyond client's expectation.

Command center is the nerve center of any operations and monitoring. The services that can be provided are:

Monitor traffic, safety and identify problems using hundreds of cameras located throughout compound area

Use data from devices installed on the compound area to get a real-time picture of that area conditions

Coordinate response with the security patrol and other law enforcement and emergency response crews when responding to any incidents, emergencies or disasters in the compound area

Operate reversible lane control systems and ramp meters to help managed traffic flow and reduce congestion for highway

Provide up-to-the-minute information about what is happening on the compound area, the area condition, including weather, incidents, construction, and some travel times, to public through maybe advisory radios, electronic signs and the web, etc

Recent Track Record
PLUS Traffic Monitoring Center

Complete command center solution for PLUS Traffic Monitoring Center. PLUS monitors their 848 km highway 24/7.

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